Personal branding coaching, taught by Uniqueka Walcott, offers career professionals and small business owners a transformative experience by unlocking their authentic professional identity, enhancing communication skills, expanding their network, and fostering confidence. This investment in personal branding can yield substantial returns, propelling individuals towards greater success, recognition, and professional fulfillment.

The first time I took a swing at developing a personal brand AND actually shared it with people was more than a decade ago. It was really interesting – I learned a lot about myself and how I didn’t want to show up in the world.

I was super defined by my religious beliefs at this point in my life. I developed some perspective and eventually decided: I don’t need to rock my religion like an Easter Sunday outfit – frilly socks and hair ribbons – on Thursday for folks to know.

If you aren’t sure you want to build a personal brand because it will feel like an itchy Easter dress and smell like the burnt crisp hair off the hot comb – I understand.

Aren’t you glad you get to be yourself? You can wear the socks if you want to!

Another way – you don’t have to adhere to some ridiculous playbook like this to have a strong personal brand:

1. Everything I write must be cheerful and instructive
2. Must post daily
3. Never repeat content

Who has time for letting imaginary rules ruin your fun? You also don’t have to become an influencer hawking earrings and t-shirts to stay relevant….

That isn’t what having a personal brand is about…

I teach people to skip the follower count as a primary metric to get going.

You will NOT chase the numbers rather than authenticity.

A personal brand helps people understand how to interact and bring you in on the opportunities that align with who you truly are… not the version of you who is surviving the life you have to tolerate. Not the version pretzeled into a palatable, fake version of yourself.

What unique impression are you trying to leave?

What do you want people to know, feel, and do in you presence?

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