About Uniqueka Walcott, CPSM

My name is Uniqueka (you-knee-cuh) and I live in Orlando, Florida. I have a B.A. in Journalism from Georgia State University by way of Fort Valley State University and Georgia Perimeter College. My first job out of college after many years in retail sales was in the mortage industry. I knew it didn’t fit but, it paid the bills.

Wanting to find something more relevant to the skills I’d honed in over the previous decade, I shifted into A/E/C marketing. Eight years later, I currently work as a Marketing Manager for an environmental firm.

Nonetheless, I have been on a continous quest to put my seemingly random skill set to use in a way that brings me joy for a while. I had one vision but, I’m convinced God has another and the more I surrender to the possibilities the richer my life becomes.

For example, in April 2020, I challenged myself to tackle one of my wild ideas in small bites. I’d host and produce 3 episodes via LinkedIn Live and if I didn’t hate it, I would continue.

I set the bar low and now I’m tackling new adventures every chance I get as the host and producer of Career Conversations with no plans to end the show. It feels like I accepted an invitation to a party just for me each week as I sit with amazing people who share their career journeys with me and the ways their life unfolded differently than the plan they had locked into in their earlier years.

Come to the party. I promise it’s not your typical get a degree, get a spouse and a dog “voila” happy sort of show. I’m creating a living library to inspire aspiring professionals of all ages and backgrounds to live as though their dreams are possible – even in if the journey is wild and scary.

I hope you gain insight, inspiration, and mentors as you enjoy each story we share.

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