Growth: Comfort is the Enemy

You said it in the interview. “I’m looking for an opportunity to grow.” It sounded good; you even said it with conviction, but did you really think about what you just asked for?

I didn’t, until I felt it. The slight headache that rests just between your eyebrows as you grumble bad words and wonder what you just got yourself into is what growth feels and sounds like for us honest folks.

It’s a lot like climbing a mountain. You can imagine what the top looks and feels like- the fresh crisp air, the warmth of the sunlight and amazing view. Plus, there isn’t a huge crowd.

It’s so unfair how people use imagery of mountain tops in correlation with success and ignore the climbing part. The part where you are gasping for more of the thinning air, trying not to trip on loose rocks, and wondering if you should leave the people who started with you behind because they have given up is a lot like growing.

Plus, your feet hurt.

Image of feet in black lack-up boots on granite.No alt text provided for this image

The whole process can be downright uncomfortable.

So the next time you are outside of your comfort zone, remember it is because you are growing and growth is critical to your success. Keep Climbing!

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