A Moment of Reflection – July 2021

Taking a moment to reflect on the grace and favor God has given me.

About 10 years ago I had a bachelor’s degree, a part-time job hustling full-time hours in retail with no benefits and recieved food stamps before landing 18 months of pb&j money at contract gigs.

I was also in an abusive relationship – like soooo toxic I paid for my own engagement ring. Talk about self esteem in the toilet.

There was a body found at the front of my neighborhood where I rented an apartment.


I live in a nice house I own with my husband – he proposed properly and totally adores me. I thank God for him.

I have a much better job and even better relationships with my family and friends. I’m able to afford to make payments on my student loans.

I remember walking into a store 15 years ago balking at the prices of things like the sofa I’m sitting on. Asking who could? Who would? Why?

It gets greater though, God has blessed me to be available to help my family when they need me in terms of time and finances without sacrificing my own joy.

God, I thank you for your generosity, love, and grace. I have been afraid to share these ugly parts of my story for a long time.

Other women’s stories have encouraged me to own mine so that those who are where I was know it’s okay to shed old experiences, expectations, things, relationships, and thoughts to become who you truly are! Keep going, growing is important and uncomfortable sometimes.

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