Career Conversations

Catch a recent episode with Tom Ives, PhD – Senior Data Scientist.
Kemah Duopu, CEO of Harmon Polish, shares her amazing journey. She represents the future of the beauty industry. Are you ready?

Uniqueka Walcott, CPSM – Host & Producer

Career Conversations is more than a show. It’s a living library created with the intention of inspiring young people of all ages to recognize that their job titles do not define their personhood.



Reading both books and people are essential to how we view, understand and engage the world. Each episode invites you to a chapter in someone’s life to expand your understanding.


True resilience includes rest. Do not buy into the idea that hustling is the only way to be successful.

The more we learn to value and care for ourselves the easier it is to maintain new levels of success.


Be intentional about whom you share time and space. The people on many of our episodes are open to connecting and mentoring others. Connect with the people who can offer the blueprint for your aspirations.